September 5, 2009

Ebs has been out playing and caught what i think is a Dragon fly as a present for me and Jack, so before i set the little dude free i took some photos x

101_1760 101_1766 101_1762

101_1764 101_1765


July 30, 2009

Sorry i haven’t updated my blog recently i’ve been really busy with my beautiful little boy, but as he’s in bed at 7:30pm which is brill i thought i would add some updated pictures of jack for u all, fingers crossed we will come and see u all soon x x

101_1491 101_1545 101_1554 101_1561 101_1562

101_1567 101_1589 101_1604 101_1608 101_1609

101_1618 101_1617 101_1619 101_1634 101_1636


May 2, 2009

Jack watched his first football match with his daddy… Man u V Spurs. Well Jack didn’t think much of the first half as he was fast asleep but soon woke up and got into the swing of things….  and Rhys came round for the second half……here are some pics!!

003 019 007

016 018 010


May 1, 2009

As i have some time on my hands i thought i would add some pictures of Jack and some of his cousin Rhys….

0371 054


005 009


March 23, 2009

Jack McKenzie Berkon has finally arrived. Our little bundle of joy was born on March 11th at 02:41am, weighing a healthy 7lbs 9oz. Thank you to my sister in law Clair for being with me through the whole experience and for holding my hand while i was taken to have a c-section and also for being there to support my hubby David, we love you loads hun, we can’t thank you enough. Also thank you to my hubby dibster for giving me such a beautiful cheeky boy, you have given me the most precious gift of all time and i love you more than words can say…

These pics were taken within first 45 minutes of Jack McKenzie being born….. enjoy!

100_05452 100_05501



Baby Berkon 4D Scan

November 30, 2008

What a fab weekend David and I have had, we had our 4D scan on Saturday as a birthday suprise for David and it was amazing to see our little man. He has chubby cheeks which he gets from his mummy and he has my button nose, which looks soooo cute. Here are a few pics for you all….. Enjoy!!!

scan00012 scan00013

scan00022 scan00041



November 16, 2008


Baby’s foot!